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Market Research

Market Research

This is important for any organization. We will help you understand market dynamics as you plan to launch a new product / service in the market, venture into new market territories ...read more

project evaluation

Project Evaluation

Evaluation is requisite in keeping the project on track by checking your project implementation, control of quality of services and products delivered. At Research Solutions Network ...read more

customer satisfaction surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Research Solutions Network conducts customer satisfaction which is at the core of human experience, reflecting their perception and liking of a company’s business activities. Our customer ...read more

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning

Lead your industry with market data and prove to competitors brand design, relevance and unrelenting exposure leads to greater awareness and sales. At Research Solutions Network ...read more

concept testing

Concept Testing

At Research Solutions Network, we carry out Concept Testing which is the process of evaluating consumer response to an idea before introducing a product or service to...read more

advertisement research

Advertisement Research

Advertisement is also known as Ad Testing and is designed to improve advertising effectiveness. Companies often test their advertising with a subset of a target market before ...read more

funding proposal

Funding / Grant Proposals

Getting individuals or organizations to fund worthwhile social and business projects is easy but limited to quality of your proposal. At Research Solutions Network, we design Proposals ...read more.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

It's hard to accomplish anything or meet organizational objectives without a strategic plan. Whether you're running a church, multinational corporate or a small business from ...read more

data analyses

Data Analyses

We have experienced and most brilliant statisticians with unmatched ability to enter, explore and analyze your data from simple to the most complex statistical ...read more.

data mining

Data Mining

Data is the most important element in any company. At Research Solutions Network, we do data mining by extracting the information/knowledge from the huge set of data ...read more

Optimization of salary

Optimization of Salary & Benefits

Despite the economic sector you are operating in, a Salary and Benefits study can give you a better understanding of the salary structure in your industry. By incorporating ...read more

editorial content audit

Editorial / Content Audits

Our Editorial Audits on publications are customized to meet your needs. We enable you to understand what your audience wants to read, at what frequency ...read more

Conference evaluation

Conference Evaluation

Whether you are operating a religious organization, governmental workshops, entertainment events, academic/scholarly, exhibitions or company conferences, you need to ...read more

audience profile

Audience Profile

We conduct comprehensive Profile Studies to enable organizations to prove the value of their audience, including print media readers, web surveys, digital edition recipients, and e-newsletter...read more.

academic research advisory

Academic Research Advisory

We provide a step-by-step guide to professionals and students undertaking academic research through our scholars. We also offer complete and practical tutorials on academic ...read more



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