Project Evaluation

Project Evaluation

Evaluation is requisite in keeping the project on track by checking your project implementation, control of quality of services and products delivered. At Research Solutions Network, we employ both formative and summative evaluation strategies using approved tools and techniques to improve your project/program’s growth.

   Formative Evaluation
We focus on assessing your program quality, implementation, and impact to provide feedback and information for internal improvement, without external consequences. We value this because learning how the program is being implemented, including the challenges and strong points, will serve as useful information for improving practice, rethinking how to go about your project, and identifying future action steps.
   Summative Evaluation
This is specially designed to provide information on your program impact to external agencies including donors and other project stakeholders. Our team of evaluators takes time to fully understand your project then begin with establishment of baseline data in order to give you the best findings and solutions.


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