Data Mining

Data Mining

Data is the most important element in any company. At Research Solutions Network, we do data mining by extracting the information/knowledge from the huge set of data for institutions. This is important because this knowledge can be used by organizations for Fraud Detection, Customer Retention, Production Control, Science Explorations and Market Analysis.

Market Analysis and Management

 Customer Profiling – This is important for any organization, it helps to determine what kind of people buy what kind of products and the frequency and patterns at which these purchases are made.

 Identifying Customer Requirements - Data Mining enables the management and evaluators in identifying the best products for different customers. When properly analyzed, it uses prediction to find the factors that may attract new customers.

 Cross Market Analysis – Without cross market analysis, organizations may not be well placed to use establish relationship between product sales. Here, data mining is the solution since it performs associations/correlations between product sales.

 Target Marketing - Data Mining helps to find clusters of model customers who share the same characteristics such as interest, spending habits, income among other characteristics.

 Determining Customer Purchasing Pattern – It is requisite for a company to illuminate the patterns when it comes to purchase of products. The best tool to bring to play is data mining because it helps in determining customer purchasing pattern which can be used to increase sales and enhance services.

 Providing Summary Information - Data Mining also provides organizations with various multidimensional summary reports of data.

Corporate Analysis & Risk Management

 Finance Planning and Asset Evaluation – Here, we conduct data mining that involves cash flow analysis and prediction, contingent claim analysis to evaluate assets.

 Resource Planning – Our interest is to help you in resource planning. We mine your data to provide you with summary and comparison of the resources against expenditure.

 Competition – Anyone knows that competition is tight and data mining gives you an advantage over your competitors. We help you achieve this at Research Solutions Network by close and professional monitoring of competitors and market directions.

Fraud Detection

Our data experts also use data mining in various such as in fields of credit card services and telecommunications to detect fraud. It also analyzes the patterns that deviate from expected norms. Our techniques in data mining cut across the Internet, sports, telecommunications and even astrology.


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