Data Analysis

Data Analysis

At Research Solutions Network, we are highly skilled in quantitative and qualitative data analyses. We have analyzed large and complex research data for governments, multinational organization and individuals across the globe.

   Quantitative Data Analysis
We have experienced and most brilliant statisticians with unmatched ability to enter, explore and analyze your data from simple to the most complex statistical techniques that give real, valid and reliable results to boost the performance of your organization. We use descriptive statistics to establish how your data looks likes, various inferential statistics to explicate the relationships or differences in your research variable and less fussy non-parametric statistics to give desirable conclusions. These tested and approved scientific methods are done using various statistical tools including but not limited to IBM SPSS, STATA, R, SAS, EPI-INFO, EXCEL, ELKI, ITALASSI, TANAGRA, WAFFLES, E-VIEWS, WEKA, DATA-APPLIED, DEVINFO, RAPIDMINER, PAW, JULIA and MATLAB among others to give you the most objective results.

   Qualitative Data Analysis

This is often based on an interpretive naturalistic approach. Our experts employ thematic framework and content analysis which is a method for subjective interpretation of the content of text data through the systematic classification process of coding and identifying themes or patterns. It often involves a process designed to condense raw data into categories or themes based on valid description and interpretation. With this, they use inductive reasoning, by which themes and categories emerge from the data through their careful examination and constant comparison. However, they don’t exclude deductive reasoning when working with qualitative data in order to transform the data into intelligible results.


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