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At Research Solutions Network, our main goal is to make a positive difference to your business or idea with a unique, creative and approved scientific approach. Research Solutions Network conducts applied research and consultancy, project design and evaluation, customer feedback, consumer behavior and motivations. We test ideas, develop strategic plans, winning proposals for funding, develop business plans, build segmentation and open new market opportunities for our clients. We are also proficient in media and market research. As a leading research firm, our Research & Consultancy professionals always provide you with timely expert advice, practical business solutions, and tailor-made market information. Our tenured solutions cut across individual domains, Non-governmental Organizations, Governments to private businesses in all sectors across the globe. Research Solutions Network competently conducts and disseminates high-quality research to address your most pressing challenges and keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and developments that are of practical relevance to your organizational growth.

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Academic Research Advisory

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No organization does it better than Research Solutions Network when it comes to helping our clients get Real Solutions and Value for Money. Anybody would be hard pressed to find a team of highly experienced and competent intellectuals who understand the dynamics of the research industry. With our well structured collaborative, consultative and client-centric approach, we uniquely explore your individual and business needs to provide comprehensive solutions that transcend your expectations.

What Sets us Apart

Our track record explicates why we are your ideal partner! We have the expertise, diverse experience, skills, qualifications and a team with unmatched dedication. Our research consultants have advanced academic degrees, extensive professional experience in applied research applicable to current world challenges. All our services are based on a blend of strong technology platforms. In essence, our clients Get Sorted from anywhere in the world!

Our Services

Research Solutions Network provides tailored consulting services and solutions on diverse aspects of organizational growth and development. Our focus is wide and intelligibly geared to the Public, Private and Non-governmental sectors. We offer tailor-made and practical research and surveys in social and market research, institutional management, job evaluations, project design and management, feasibility studies and business plans. Research Solutions Network offers a portfolio of services to help organizations design, field, and process surveys. With decades of experience, our researchers understand not only the research process, but how to put results to work for you and your clients. You can always count on our infallible expertise!  Concept Testing  Concept Development  Audience Profile  Advertisement Research  Editorial/Content Audit  Optimization of Salary & Benefits  Brand Positioning  Customer Satisfaction Surveys  Conference Evaluation  Market Research  Project Evaluation  Strategic Plans
a) Data Analyses
At Research Solutions Network, we are highly skilled in quantitative and qualitative data analyses. We have analyzed large and complex research data for governments, multinational organization and individuals across the globe.Tested and approved scientific methods are done using various statistical tools including but not limited to IBM SPSS, STATA, R, SAS, EPI-INFO, EXCEL, ELKI, ITALASSI, TANAGRA, WAFFLES, E-VIEWS, WEKA, DATA-APPLIED, DEVINFO, RAPIDMINER, PAW, JULIA and MATLAB among others to give you the most objective results.
b) Data Mining
Data is the most important element in any company. At Research Solutions Network, we do data mining by extracting the information/knowledge from the huge set of data for institutions. This is important because this knowledge can be used by organizations for Fraud Detection, Customer Retention, Production Control, Science Explorations and Market Analysis.
Conducting scholarly academic research is a great fete and challenge to majority of PhD, Graduate and Undergraduate students. At Research Solutions Network, we value quality papers, acknowledge these difficulties and offer plausible solutions to empower all students undertaking research in any academic field. We provide a step-by-step guide to professionals and students undertaking academic research through our scholars. We also offer complete and practical tutorials on academic research and assistance in Literature Search, Proposal Development, Instrument Development, Data Collection, Data Analyses, Evaluation, Concept Development and Testing, Modeling, Report Writing, Executive Resume' Writing, Post-hoc Analyses, PhD Research Expose', Concept and Conference Papers.
We are aware that the world and its living dynamics are changing fast. This means that for individuals or organizations to remain relevant, they MUST be equipped with latest and relevant technology that addresses their business of lifestyle needs. For these reasons, seasoned technologists and engineers at Research Solutions Network are here to ensure that you pride in;  Website Design  Software Development  Mobile Applications Development


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